7. Calculation of forces of gravity between two Hydrogen atoms at 1m separation distance using the same corrected equation

Using the same parameters in the previous section, calculate the electrostatic force at a distance of 1m.

Using the following values;

  1. Radius of Hydrogen atom 5.29177 x 10 -11 m (0.000000000053)
  2. Charge of Hydrogen atom 1.602 x 10-19 C  (0.0000000000000000001602)
  3. Separation distance 1 m
  4. Coulombic constant 8.988×109 N⋅m2⋅C−2
  5. The corrected equation produces a force of 4.865 e-49N at 1m.

An equivalent calculation using F=GM1m2/r^2 and two protons is;

  • Proton mass 1.6726219 × 10-27 kilograms
  • Gravitational constant 6.67408 × 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2
  • Ignore mass of electron.
  • F = 6.67e-11 * (1.67e-27)^2/1^2
  • = 1.86e-64 N


  1. The corrected equation returns a value substantially higher than the expected value.
  2. The impact of approximating the electron as a probability cloud was not investigated.  This would involve approximating many spheres of varying radius in the numerical approximation.